Topic: Muckl (Authorization failed)

hello everyone,

I tried to change the my jid realite
So i modified  "MUCKLJID" in the "config.js" as another username like:

//var MUCKLJID = "muckl"; // username
//var MUCKLPASS = "muckl"; // password

var MUCKLJID = "ccccc"; // username
var MUCKLPASS = "123456"; // password

but when i visited my web site : localhost/www/muckl/index.html

after the loging, it will alert: "Authorization failed"...(if i do not change the MUCKLJID, it will be fine. seemed like jid can only be muckl@servername).

So i would like to ask if someone know what should i do to be allowed to change it???????

Also in the jwchat, there are no problem every visiter can have its own jid like user111@servername.

Maybe i am not so clear, just leave me ur message for asking me about that.

Think u for ur help.

Re: Muckl (Authorization failed)

Salut. Pourquoi ne pas avoir tenté ta chance sur un forum anglophone ?

Bon sinon t'as l'air de ne pas du tout comprendre ce que tu fais. Muckl utilise un compte existant, alors si le compte que tu veux utiliser n'existe pas… Il ne faut pas s'étonner que muckl t'insulte !